World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day

On December 8th, 2008, our whole world changed! Our son, Connor Kenneth Charles Zeiss, who was supposed to be born in March, decided to make an extra early appearance. He was born at 27 weeks gestational period. He weighed just 1 lb. 9 oz. He had several complications along the way, including two strokes, which were the biggest of our worries at the time.

He spent 35 days at Rady Children’s hospital in their NICU. The nurses there were absolutely amazing. The love and genuine kindness they exhibited during those extremely trying days were so very appreciated and much needed. Some sweet, older ladies knitted the Santa hat he’s wearing in the pictures below. We were given several homemade blankets from children, and other kind souls, knitted blankets, signs, cards and so much more. The blankets were wonderful and we used them to put on top of his isolette, to keep all of the lights and sounds out. We were so grateful for all of the things that were gifted to us. I have a plan in the very near future, to put together bags of necessities and essentials for future preemie parents to help them through their difficult times. Would you be willing to help with donations for my project? Please feel free to comment below if you’re interested. I’ll need some help to get my “boots on the ground”. I’ll be posting more about that very soon!

Although the drive back and forth from our home in San Marcos down to Rady Children’s was about 45 miles round trip, we were kind of sad to leave such wonderful care. He was then transferred to our local hospital, Palomar Medical Center, where he was just as well taken care of. The nurses there were just as gentle and caring and we were so appreciative to them as well for helping us put on the 4 lbs. 3 oz. we needed to bring him home. Yes, he needed to weight 6 whole pounds to be transported home!

We finally got to bring him home on February 23rd, 2009. And I need to mention that because of the risk of flu and other viruses, they shut the NICU down for the winter season. Unfortunately all family, including our daughter, who was only 7 at the time, were not able to see Connor until he got home. So his homecoming was extra special for us all.

ALL that being said, this day is always near and dear to us and we love to help celebrate the beautiful birth and life our “little guy”. The March of Dimes has a way you can donate should you feel obliged to!

I would love to hear your preemie stories if you have any! Feel free to leave a comment! Happy World Preemie Day!

Oh….and by the way, Connor is a happy, healthy, and will be 15 this coming December! He started high school this year and is happy, healthy and thriving.

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  1. Happy early birthday Connor! We’ve still yet to meet you and can’t believe how you’ve blossomed into such a happy healthy vibrant young man! It seems like yesterday your mom and dad and I were tearing it up in Arizona! I hope you can make it up to Pismo Beach someday. I’ve missed your parents and look forward to meeting you♥️

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