Top Gun House, Oceanside, ca

Hey Top Gun fans! If you’re heading to San Diego, be sure to take a trip to Oceanside, and visit the famous Top Gun House!

A little bit of history

“The Top Gun” house, also known as The Graves House, was built in 1888 by Dr. Henry Graves and his wife as their “summer” home. They spent many a summer in their little Victorian home through the early 1900’s until they sold it in 1905 for $1800.

Flash forward a few 80 years… In December 1985, Lynn and William Rego purchased the home for a mere $75,000. They too, spent their summers at the seaside and rented it out for the remainder of the year.

In June of 1985, they were contacted by Paramount Pictures and were asked to rent their cute little beach cottage out to film a movie. This movie, of course, was Top Gun. The home was that of “Charlie”, played by Kelly McGillis, the love interest of Maverick a.k.a. Tom Cruise.

The house, which was originally located at 102 First Street (now Seagaze), stood as Oceanside’s oldest and last oceanfront beach cottage. In 2001, the home was acquired by the City of Oceanside by eminent domain, and was moved on several occasions. It was in danger of being demolished due to its dilapidated condition. The was house eventually named as a historic home and was saved.

The Victorian was ultimately refurbished by the developer of the new and beautiful, Mission Pacific Hotel. The house is now located on North Pacific Street, and sits in front of the property of the Mission Pacific Hotel. It was opened up as High-Pie Shop in May of 2022 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Want to know more about the history? Check out this article from Visit Oceanside.

High-Pie Shop

First of all, you need to know how cute High Pie is in person. My pictures really don’t do it justice. Inside, it’s all things Top Gun! Pictures, posters, memorabilia and more. The house is tiny, but is so quaint inside and there’s so much to see! All the little details will blow your mind, especially if you’re a huge Top Gun fan!

After you take in all the things to see inside, you can place your order at the counter. If you’re looking for a place to sit, I highly suggest the infamous front porch, in which you can sit and enjoy your pie and take in the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. There’s also a small side porch and an additional sitting area with tables, chairs and umbrellas. Of if you choose to do so, you can take your pie and beverage of choice and take a stroll with it. You might as well enjoy the salty air and go for a walk on the pier while enjoying your treat. The world is your oyster here!

And the pies? Well, they’re delicious, bite sized, and come in a few different flavors! When I was there, they offered apple, cherry, and blueberry. You can even get your pie á la mode! But, I recently checked their website and I see now they also have pumpkin and banana creme. I would imagine these are seasonal, so if you’re a pumpkin lover, then you’d better hurry over quick!

They also have different dipping sauces for just $2! Chocolate, cheese, sea salt caramel and lemon curd are your choices. I of course, had to have the chocolate dipping sauce and generously drizzled it all over my pies. Amazing! I also had the entire 3-pack of apple all to myself (yep, I did it)! If you must share, you can get them in a 3, 12 or 24 pack.

If you need to quench your thirst, you can grab a strong cup of joe, amusingly called “Buzz the Tower”, a cherry “Pop”, a lemon iced tea and more. Don’t forget to gear up with a cool T-shirt or hat to commemorate your visit!

If you’re a local and haven’t been yet, or are stopping through north county San Diego (Oceanside), stop by for a little bit of history and yummy pie!

The house is located at:

Mission Pacific Hotel
250 N Pacific St.
Oceanside,CA 92054

THURSDAY – MONDAY: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Closed Tuesday & Wednesday)

For some video of the inside of the house, check out my Instagram post! Follow me at: socal_lifestylewith_ashleyz!

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