Sugar Mamma Caramels

Nancy is the owner and maker of the most delectable sea salt caramels, and her company is endearingly named Sugar Mamma Caramels. Her caramels literally melt in your mouth! But it doesn’t stop there, she makes dozens of other homemade, tasty treats, such as toffee, truffles, dipping sauces, cookies, brownies and the list goes on. She’s even created a vegan option! They’re so good, she was voted “Favorite Dessert in San Diego” multiple times, and has been featured in our local newspaper. These sweet treats are perfect not only for everyday sweet cravings, but are perfect for weddings, bridal & baby showers, home party gifts or as a gift from your business to your clients. Do yourself a favor and check out Sugar Mamma Caramels and place your order.

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