Opulenza Designs

Opulenza Designs sterling silver jewelry is absolutely stunning! A couple of lifetimes ago, I sold Silpada sterling silver jewelry, and I loved it. There, I met my Silpada Sister and friend, Tricia. She is now selling Opulenza Designs and I’m so happy I have a new gorgeous, jewelry connection.

I’ll admit it… I am a total jewelry snob. I don’t like anything that looks or feels cheap or makes my skin turn green or black or any other color for that matter. This jewelry is the finest, .925 sterling silver and is paired with beautiful semi-precious stones, such as moonstone, lapis, rose quartz and more! Each piece is handmade and unique. Everything from rings, to bracelets, an exquisit bridal collection and if you can’t decide, gift cards.

If you like to treat yourself to QUALITY jewelry, that won’t break the bank, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a family member or friend, check out Opulenza. You won’t be disappointed! Get your holiday shopping done here!

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