International Women’s Day

Growing up, I always wanted to be Wonder Woman!  I had the Underoo’s, and dressed up as her for Halloween one year too.  (So did my Dad! Lol!) It was my favorite TV show and I just loved how she fought for the little guy. I would spin around and around until I was dizzy, hoping to have her superpowers when I stopped! Tell me you’re not singing the song in your head right now!

Little did I know that one day, I would grow up to be a wife, a Mom and a business owner. There are so many things women do that make them wonder women! Such as, raising children, working while raising children, having the patience to stay home with their children, having high powered careers, making it on their own financially, owning their own businesses, organizing & maintaining households, keeping up with various schedules, cooking, cleaning, caring for others, taxi drivers… and the list goes on.

I love every minute of being a Wonder Woman!  It takes a lot of work and often times goes unrewarded and unrecognized.  But today is a great day to tell every woman out there, how wonderful you are.  No matter what category you fall into, you are beautiful, perfect and important! YOU ARE WONDER WOMAN!

And not to be cliche, but don’t forget that self-care is NOT selfish. Please take the time to take care of yourself. Take a 10 minute walk to clear your brain, get your hair or nails done, buy yourself a treat every once in a while, take care of your skin, and do things that make you feel good about yourself. You deserve it. And when Mama is happy, so is the rest of the family. You got this!

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