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Why i Love Haute Stock

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been a social media manager for many years. My job is to create and manage content for my customers. I have some clients who regularly give me content, but I have others who give me free reign to post whatever I want. It can be trying sometimes to come up with content. This is where Haute Stock has come in handy.

Sometimes as a creator, you get creators block. Also, when posting, you don’t want to be all business all the time, so sometimes you post some “fluff” At other times, you just need a great stock photo in which you can insert your own verbiage. For either of these instances, Haute Stock has been a savior for me.

Why You’ll Love Haute Stock

Haute Stock has stunning stock photos and video of pretty much everything and anything. You can choose from a variety of color schemes, you can choose a photo with or without people, with or without tech (like computers or desks). You can also use their search engine and look for something like, “blue flowers”, and it will pull up all of their photos with blue flowers.

As you may have noticed on my home page, under “Explore California”, there are pretty photos of elegant places you may want to visit. You may also notice they are all in the same color palette. That’s because I was able to save my brand colors to the search engine. So, when I’m searching for photos for my website, or my clients’ posts, it’s easy for me to find photos all with the same color schemes. It’s seriously so easy!

I find it to be an amazing tool for me in my social media business. If you’re a business owner or content creator, I think it would be of great time saving tool for you as well. They even have pre-made Instagram quotes in case you’re in a hurry for a quick Motivation Monday post.

With a paid subscription, the photos are completely copyright free and you can post them as-is or you can alter them with your own brand and verbiage.

Check out some of the stock Instagram quotes below and feel free to take a look at their website. If you decide you’d like to make your social media and/or website look absolutely stunning, use my code SoCalAsh15 to get 15% off your subscription. Trust me, you’re life is going to be so much easier!

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